You should write a response to Althusser’s (1970) and Brummett (2013).

You should write a response to Althusser’s (1970) and Brummett (2013). You may find Althusser a bit challenging. Be sure to focus on his discussion of Ideological State Apparatuses and especially of the media as ISA. The Brummett article is more accessible but do not be tempted to focus primarily on this reading since this is an application of the theory of ideology, not the theory itself.


The paper should reflect a critical reading of the texts and your reaction. Think of the paper as having two parts:


1) Make sure to identify the key arguments/relevant concepts in the the readings. Summarize what the authors meant, or at least what you think the authors meant, and try to see the world with that theoretical lense.


2) Critique the theory from an outside perspective, finding its strengths but also its flaws.


Post paper in Canvas by Wednesday of week 2 at midnight EST (600-800 words).


* * You should write in your own words. You are welcome to use direct quotes, but the quoted materials will not count toward the minimum word count. Paraphrasing materials must also be in your own words – it is not enough to just change a few words here and there.


Grading: Papers will be evaluated according to the extent to which they reflect thorough research, clarity of thought, and adherence to the principles of effective writing. Papers should be prepared according to the guidelines of theMLA Handbook, the Publication Manual of the APA, or the Chicago Manual of Style.

You should write a response to Althusser’s (1970) and Brummett (2013).

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