​Writing sample, three (3) pages MAXIMUM, single spaced, that focuses on your current area of expertise or interests and is related to your interest in positions at CIA. You can excerpt longer papers​

As a Cyber Security Undergraduate Intern for the CIA, you will work side-by-side with other Cyber Security Officers to protect Agency data and systems using sophisticated tools, instrumentation, and knowledge of CIA Information Technology (IT) and tradecraft to monitor, evaluate, and manage IT risk. You will protect CIA data and IT systems by identifying current threats, mitigating vulnerabilities, and anticipating future cybersecurity challenges.You will have the opportunity to assist Cyber Security Officers as they do the following work to support Agency customers:Analyze existing and future systems across the Agency, review security architectures and develop engineering solutions that integrate information security requirements to proactively protect informationPerform audit and security compliance checks, including network penetration testing, vulnerability scans, and other configuration analysisConduct Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) activities, including forensic analysis and review and assessment of security events and logs via sophisticated security/event management toolsImplement and support network defense, identification/authentication/access control, data protection mechanisms, and data transfer mechanismsDevelop threat models and security risk assessments, and recommend mitigations and countermeasures to address risks, vulnerabilities and threats.Review and validate security documentation, including the system security requirements definition and System Security PlansImplement security designs in hardware, software, data and proceduresProvide guidance to Agency customers on CIA’s and Intelligence Community’s information security policies and regulationsThe CIA is committed to your development, and provides opportunities to advance and strengthen your technical expertise throughout your internship. The Undergraduate Internship Program also allows you and the Agency to assess opportunities for permanent employment following your completion of undergraduate school.

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