Write about your first impressions of the readings.

Write about your first impressions of the readings. Talk about how you see ideas of the Anthropocene playing out in your daily life and/or in Parable of the Sower (Any of the chapters 1 to 4).


The post must be at least 250+ words


Link to the Anthropocene: https://pdf.sciencedirectassets.com/272099/1-s2.0-…


Link to the Parable of the Sower: https://www.oasisacademysouthbank.org/uploaded/Sou…


An Example post: Prior to the readings, I had never heard of the concept of the Anthropocene. But especially the readings for this week show me the importance of conservation and restoration so that the world doesn’t turn out like it does in Parable of the Sower. Chapter 3 of the Parable of the Sower talks about the price of water being more than gasoline. With such high prices for water, it shows the extreme shortage of water, especially when it talks about people willing to kill others just to get some water. The thought of water being a very rare thing would be very strange. Water is a very popular and common item used in my day-to-day life, such as for washing hands, bathing, brushing teeth, drinking, etc.


The ideas of the Anthropocene made me think about my influence on climate and the environment. When I was in high school, I did a simulation to calculate my carbon footprint, and it was pretty low. If I were to calculate my carbon footprint today, I would expect it to still be pretty low since my main mode of transportation is walking and I try to be mindful when “saving” electricity.


I have seen several instances of the Anthropocene playing out in my life, with temperatures being warmer. I have also seen the deforestation of land, whether it be for farming or for making suburbs. When I’ve been to highly populated or industrial places, I can see the smog that emerges from them and/or feel that the air quality in those places doesn’t feel as good compared to other places.

Write about your first impressions of the readings.

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