Week 7: Professional Elevator Speech

The term elevator speech refers to introductory remarks one might make in a professional setting. This week’s assignment puts a modern twist on the traditional elevator speech by applying it to the topic of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

For this week’s assignment, you will practice and reflect on your interview skills by creating a 2 to 3-minute on-camera video recording in which you respond to  one of the following interview topics.

· Describe a time where a project you worked on or a decision you made in the workplace benefited from diverse perspectives.

· Tell us about an occasion where the lack of diverse viewpoints negatively impacted a major project or important decision in your workplace.

· Describe what diversity and inclusion mean to you when it comes to workplace communication.

· What are some examples of how you would promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in our workplace if we were to hire you?

After you complete the recording to your satisfaction, play back your response and answer the following questions in a Word document for submission.

1. How would you rate your vocal performance? Are there any verbal fillers, such as “ums” and “uhs,” or awkward pauses? Do you sound confident and enthusiastic?

2. How would you rate your physical performance? Are you making eye contact with the camera, or do you appear to be looking down or away? What does your posture look like? Are you dressed like a professional in your field?

3. Looking at yourself completely objectively, would you hire yourself? Why or why not?

There are a variety of different ways to create a video recording. One of the most popular is the Kaltura Video Creation Tool. 

Access the Kaltura Capture User Guide in Course Resources in the Student Resource Center, and follow the steps in the tutorials under Kaltura (My Media) – Video Creation Tool.

You will need to dress professionally for this recording.

Paste the shareable link to your video recording into the Microsoft Word document. Then, write your answers to the aforementioned questions in that same Word document.

Check to ensure that you have submitted a shareable link to your video. Look for the Share icon in the upper left of the video.

Share Icon

A shareable link will be in this format: https://lms.devry.edu/lms/video/player.html?video=1_xxxxxx.

The grading rubric for this assignment is listed at the end of this section.

Note: As an alternative, your on-camera video may be presented during a live lesson. Follow your professor’s instructions as to how this may be conducted in this course.

In addition, your instructor may suggest or allow other methods of creating your video in addition to Kaltura. If you have an alternative method that you would prefer to use, check with your instructor first to make sure it is acceptable.

The grading rubric for this assignment is as follows.


Select the Start Assignment button to begin.

Once you have uploaded your files, select Submit Assignment.


Week 7: Professional Elevator Speech Grading Rubric

Week 7: Professional Elevator Speech

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