Week 3 – Child Development Observation, Cultural diversity

child Development wk3

Child Development Observation

Assignment Content

**Observation form must be included. Computerized signatures are not accepted. 


Cultural diversity can be integrated throughout the curriculum and the learning environment. This assignment allows students to evaluate the multicultural approaches used by a current early childhood practitioner.

The Assignment

This assignment has 3 parts:

Part 1. Watch the video “Cultural Understanding.” Once you have viewed the video several times choose 3 of the strategies discussed in the video that promote cultural diversity. This paragraph should be a minimum of 7 sentences and discusses how you would implement the strategies in your classroom.

Part 2.: When thinking of your ideal classroom decide on some materials you would like to have that would promote cultural diversity. (dolls, art materials, books, toys, etc)

*Research and find 5 items that you would choose. Pictures of these 5 items must be included with a 5 sentence write up (for each item) discussing why you chose that item and how it will help to address diversity in your classroom.

(the 5 items must be completely different- in other words if you choose dolls that would be one item and you would include a picture of a set of multicultural dolls)

Part 3: Observe in an early classroom environment (children ages 3 years to 5 years) to determine the appropriateness and adequacy/lack of the multicultural materials in the classroom. Included with your submission should be the attached observation form filled out by you and the classroom teacher where your observation takes place. (If observation form is not included, points will not be earned for this section)

Make a list of the multicultural items you see. The list must include 5 items at a minimum. Give specifics – what types of books did you see? clothes? Each example should discuss (in a minimum of 5 sentences ) the following questions:

*how does the activity promote diversity, culture?

*how would you implement the item into your classroom?

*are the items representative of the population of children in the classroom?


**Pictures must be included of the 5 items that you viewed in the classroom (don’t worry about picture)


Part 4: a summary paragraph (minimum of 7 sentences) should be included that focuses on the importance of cultural diversity in the classroom. (pull from your text to support your discussion)

-how do you plan to meet the needs of ALL the children in your classroom?

-why is it important that children see themselves/families represented in classroom materials?

-how will you address diversity/culture throughout the year?

Grading Criteria

Maximum points are given when:

1. Video examples are included and discussed (10 points)

2. A list of 5 chosen classroom items is included and discussed (5 points for each item)

3. Observation notes are included (30 points)

4. Summary paragraph included of a minimum of 7 sentences and contains quality reflections (15 points)

5. Photos attached for each of the 2 parts (10 points)

6. Textbook reference is included in the summary paragraph (10 points)


Points are deducted for errors in spelling and grammar. Also noted is clarity of the submission and students comprehension of the content.



Textbook chapter 6

Bottom of Form

Watch the video below on Cultural Understanding. 

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