TWO Discussion Question (Each one 8-10 sentences)

Choose ONLY TWO from the topics below:Discussion Question 1: When I moved to the lake I was surrounded by many new varieties of flora and fauna. I did not experience any allergy symptoms that first year. The second year I was overwhelmed with sneezing, watering eyes, runny nose etc. Why didn’t I experience the symptoms immediately? (allergies can appear to improve when first vacationing or moving to a new area) Discussion Question 2: My son’s friend was born with only one kidney. His urologist has always told him to “watch his diet”. What does this have to do with only one kidney?Discussion Question 3: You often hear that middle school students are difficult to teach because they are so “hormonal” What does this mean? Is this an accurate statement? Discussion Question 4: In most animals the adults live only as long as they are able to reproduce. Why do you think humans live past the age of reproduction? Why do women who are older give birth to babies with more birth defects? Discussion Question 5: What did you find absolutely amazing in this lesson and why? Was the information good enough that you will or have already shared it? Discussion Question 6: Recent research shows that children who are raised in agriculture settings with farm animals experience fewer allergies and asthma. I was raised on a farm with cattle, hogs and chicken…… I experience severe allergies especially food allergies: I am the exception. Are you the exception considering health and genetics? Do you fit the mold or normal description for allergies or genetics? Discussion Question 7: Ok, gentlemen you may not get this. There was a saying among earlier generations of females ” If you don’t wanna be with child then push that man away when you really want him”. So ladies, what does this mean?

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