Training Proposal, Methodology, and Rationale Assignment Instructions

The Training Proposal, Methodology, and Rationale Assignment is a formal, graduate-level paper of at least 8 pages on a training topic of the student’s choice. 


The student must begin by reviewing the reading on Assessing HRD Needs from the textbook. After selecting a training topic, the student will then follow the training program design and implementation process described in the textbook. 

Ideas for training topics

Any topic discussed in the textbook may be considered, including but not limited to the following:

Sexual harassment prevention and reporting

Industry-specific training

New employee orientation

Safety training

Quality training

Team Building

Diversity training 

Coaching skills

  • Stress management
  • Management development
  • Required Elements
  • The body of the Training Proposal, Methodology, and Rationale Assignment, not counting the title page and references, must be at least eight complete pages of typed narrative prose using 12-point Times New Roman fonts and one-inch margins on all four sides. These eight pages include a section describing the proposed lesson plan, using the material from the reading on Designing Effective HRD Programs from the textbook. A Table of Contents is required following the title page.
  • The proposal must contain the following required elements:
  • Introduction: A comprehensive, scholarly introduction of the topic including a clear thesis statement and overview of the content, supported by in-text citations. A Level 1 heading is required.
  • Content/Main Body: A comprehensive, scholarly treatment of the proposed training program, including  the methodology that will be used to design, develop, implement, and evaluate the training, and the rationale for the proposal. The content must be organized under Level 1 headings and supported by in-text citations.
  • Conclusion: A comprehensive, scholarly conclusion to the proposal, including a summary of the issues treated in the paper and suggestions for further study, supported by in-text citations. A Level 1 heading is required.

Training Proposal, Methodology, and Rationale Assignment Instructions

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