Topographic Maps

These are the questions in my lab, once assigned I will send the pictures and attachments to answer themno question oneWhat is the contour interval on Map 3.2?What is the regional relief on Map 3.2?Using the contour lines on Map 3.2, which area along the red line is steeper, from A to B or from B to C? Explain how you came to this conclusion.What is the gradient from A to B and B to C on Map 3.2? Show your work.Construct a topographic profile from A to A’ on the graph paper above. You will need to print out this page, construct your profile, then take a digital photo of this page and upload it with your completed worksheet. Make sure your photo includes your calculation for Question 8, below. Based on the scale you choose for the topography (vertical axis) in question 7, calculate the amount of vertical exaggeration on the topographic profile you constructed above. Show your work.What is the ratio scale of this map?Explain in a sentence how this type of scale works.What is the latitude on the north edge of the map?What is the longitude on the east edge of the map?Find Big Dry Creek, which is north of Rome. What direction does that river flow? Explain two reasons why you came to this conclusion.Examine the large Ridge in the Northwestern portion of the map. What is the tallest point in this ridge? How tall is it?How much higher is that point from Lake Conasauga?What is the gradient between Lake Conasauga and the tallest point in the ridge? Show your work (Hint: zooming out will let you see both features on the map at the same time and may make it easier to measure.What state is your topographic map located in?What is the name of your 1:24K topographic map?What is the largest town on the map? Estimate its population. Explain the reasoning behind your population estimate.What is the nature of the topography in this area? Flat? Rolling? Sharp? Mixed? Other?What is the range of elevation in this area? (Highest and lowest points, in feet)Does the highest point on the map have a name? If so, what is it?Which direction(s) do the rivers flow in this area? How can you tell?Which direction(s) do the rivers flow in this area? How can you tell?

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