To complete the template, you will

To complete the template, you will


Choose two societies or civilizations that you would like to examine in your final project, including the time periods you will consider.

Choose one theme for your analysis of the societies or civilizations.

Choose a format to present your analysis.

Choose two works from each society (four total) that express your chosen theme (works of history, literature, philosophy, theology, art, architecture, or music) and list them using APA-formatted references. These works are considered primary sources.

Choose two scholarly secondary sources, one for each society or civilization, relevant to your chosen theme and list them using APA-formatted references.

Provide brief annotations for each source (six total) including a description of its content and relevance to your Final Project.

Develop a preliminary introduction for your final project.

Develop a preliminary thesis statement for your final project.

Outline three topic sentences for each society or civilization to shape the main points of your analysis.

Cite at least one source from your reference list to support each topic sentence.

List your sources in an APA-formatted references list (two scholarly sources and four primary source works).

To complete the template, you will

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