Submission form – with using an attached Word template

Submission form – with using an attached Word template

Volume – over 800 words within 8 pages with including figures, charts, tables, references, etc.

Criteria for Marking>

Appropriateness: Is the format appropriate? – 5 points

Balance: Is the entire balance good? – 5 points

Validity: Is the case appropriate as the social venture? – 5 points

Richness: Does the report include enough contents for readers to understand? –5 points

Feasibility : Can the idea of the report implement actually? – 5 points

Knowledge utilization : Does the report use suitable information in the classes? – 10 points

You should never think about the problems around you. If you are one of beneficiaries, that business likely doesn’t match the social business. That probability is so high. In such case, you can never get a good evaluation.

3.If there are existing services and/or products, you might not get a good evaluation. Similar cases are OK when you clarify the differences.

4.You should focus on ‘Can your social business save the people who are struggling the daily life by suffering the shortage of foods, drinks, or/and other daily living goods’.

5.You should better use some frameworks, templates, charts, tables, photos, and other materials which you learned in the classes.

Submission form – with using an attached Word template

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