Strayer COM200 Week 8 Discussion Latest 2024

COM200 Communication: The Key to Work

Week 8 Discussion

Last week (week 7), you created an outline for your persuasive speech due in week 9. Remember, your job is to select one collaborative tool and try to convince your workplace to adopt that specific tool. So, your introduction should work to capture the audience’s attention and set the stage for your persuasive speech on which tool they should invest in for the company. How can you best capture the audience’s attention? (use a quote, tell a joke, tell a story, an interesting statistic, etc.)

In a 1–2 minute video (audio and visual) response, present your attention grabber only (from the Introduction section of the outline) and explain why it effectively captures the audience’s attention. Why did you select this attention grabber for your speech? You are not presenting the entire speech; you are only sharing the attention grabber (part of the introduction) and why you feel it is effective.

Also, be sure to respond to at least one of your peers. Typically a substantial response post consists of 2-4 complete sentences and should make connections to course content, professional experiences, and personal experiences. In response to a peer, consider what type of attention grabber your peer used. As an audience member, did it capture your attention? Or could they make minor adjustments to make it more effective?

Instructions for using Kaltura in discussions:

Recording and Submitting a Discussion [Video]Links to an external site.

Recording and Submitting a Discussion [PDF]Download Recording and Submitting a Discussion [PDF]

Note: You have other options for recording your assignment. You can use the Canvas recorder by following these instructions [PDF] Download use the Canvas recorder by following these instructions [PDF]or the walkthrough videoLinks to an external site.. Or you can use your mobile device or tablet to record. Then, send the mp4 or mov file to your computer to upload the recording to Canvas. However, recording through Kaltura, using the above instructions, is the recommended option.

Watch the videoLinks to an external site. below to help you get started with this discussion:

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Strayer COM200 Week 8 Discussion Latest 2024

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