Strayer COM200 Week 4 Discussion Latest 2024

COM200 Communication: The Key to Work

Week 4 Discussion

Let’s take a moment to consider a potential work situation. Your supervisor just announced that you and a colleague, Bruce, will have an opportunity to meet with the company’s CEO in two hours to deliver a presentation on your team’s current project. Due to the short notice, Bruce believes your presentation should be an impromptu speech, delivered without notes or a plan. This seems a little risky to you since there is no preparation involved. You want to impress the CEO. You believe your presentation should be written out word for word and read aloud to the audience to make sure every key point is included.

It appears you both have a different idea for the presentation. Under these circumstances, how would you use your relationship building skill to collaborate with Bruce and resolve your differences in opinion? Please select one option below and thoroughly explain why you selected this option to come to a resolution.

Communicate openly and effectively concerning your preference.

Ask another colleague for their input.

Trust Bruce and follow his suggestion.

Typically a substantial post consists of 5-7 sentences, and a peer response with 2-4 complete sentences. A substantial discussion forum response should make connections to course content, professional experiences, and personal experiences. When responding to a peer, you could imagine you are Bruce. Would you be receptive to your peer’s conflict resolution strategy? Think about a time where you had a work conflict. How was it resolved, or how could it have been a better experience?

Optional: Continue to hone your oral communication skills by submitting your discussion response as a 1-2 minute video or audio recording. Should you choose this option, you will be graded on your responses just as you would if you responded via text only. You will not be graded on your audio or video performance.

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Strayer COM200 Week 4 Discussion Latest 2024

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