Strategies and Tactics paper description

You will identify and describe appropriate strategies and tactics to influence behavioral, environmental, and public policy change to address the health needs of a specific target audience in a 6-8 page paper. For example, a tactic used to influence behavior would be an educational intervention to increase condom use within a target audience. A tactic or method to influence environmental change would be to develop an easily accessible system of walking trails within a community in order to improve physical activity levels and combat obesity.  A policy to improve injury rates would be primary seatbelt laws. An additional tactic to influence policy would be legislative advocacy focusing on securing funding for cancer research. The examples above address different target audiences

· Strategies and Tactics paper description

· State by State health intervention examples Use this resource to help you jump start your research of specific tactics within population of interest to you

· Sample what not to do SA paper COH 430 Review this paper to see what direction should not be taken for the paper

· Sample Strategies and Tactics Paper Please note, this is not a perfect paper. There may be some APA errors. The rubric used for this paper is slightly differs from the rubric for this course. Review the current rubric prior to writing the paper. 

Strategies and Tactics paper description

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