Strategic Leadership and Practise

Establishing and Applying a Leadership Style to an Organization and the Actions to Take As it has been presented during the last four weeks, there are several strategic leadership styles that leaders can follow. Moreover, this has an impact on the strategic management process but it also depends on the actions that the top management team takes to ensure effective leadership within a business. Having this in mind, you are required to prepare an essay regarding strategic leadership.

More specifically, you are to consider yourself as a NEW senior manager in an

organisation operating in your hometown, having 57 employees under your

leadership. You are required to suggest the type of leadership you should use

as a new senior manager in the company in order to effectively lead your

employees and extract from them 100% of their productivity. Please critically


explain why you would use the chosen leadership style and what are the

actions that you would take.

Assignment Specifics:


• For the assignment’s requirements, if necessary contact local authorities for

licensing and/ or legal issues.

• Your report should be grounded in relevant theory – use the core and

recommended reading – at the same time you should CRITICALLY justify your

choices in the assignment.

• Reference all sources appropriately, using the APA Referencing System.

• The word count of your report is 3000 words (-/+10%).

• The Assignment should be accomplished by week 4 Sunday 11:59 pm (23:59

hours) VLE (UTC) time.

• The assignment counts 50% towards your final grade.


Guidance for completing your assignment

You are required to use framework and theories provided in the material of each

week to support your choices. For instance, it is essential to present and discuss a

strategic leadership style and the strategic management process before engaging in

applying the concept in your own case. Please note that references and

appendices are NOT counted in the word limit. This will give you the

opportunity to expand the concepts of strategic leadership and give you a boost in

terms of space to develop it as appropriate.

A proper structure of the assignment is as follows:

1. Introduction

2. Main concepts of strategic leadership (including sub-headings)

3. Conclusion

4. Recommendations (not compulsory)


Appendices (if applicable)

Please note that tables and figures should be located in the appendices and

NOT in the main body of the assignment.

Strategic Leadership and Practise

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