Review Chapter 1 of Nolasco & MacDonald (2016).

Review Chapter 1 of Nolasco & MacDonald (2016). With these concepts in mind, research current events and news articles from reliable sources and identify one that you believe demonstrates suffering as described in the text. Remember, reliable sources do not include blogs, personal websites, Wikipedia, etc. Instead, use valid news outlets at a local, national, or international level to support your research.

Specifically search for an article that also describes some form of compassion shown by the community or an individual in response to the suffering. Your article should have been published no longer than one year prior to the date of your submission.

Some ideas of relevant news to investigate include natural disasters, instances of physical illness, homelessness, or response to violent crimes.

In a three-page written response, please address the following questions:

Summarize your article. What occurred? What was the suffering? What was the compassionate response?
What impact did the response have on those who were suffering (or what impact do you believe would have occurred if it is not detailed in the article)?
Connect the text to your article. Include specific quotes from the introduction or Chapter 1 of Nolasco & MacDonald (2016) that are relevant in relation to the events that occurred. How does this week’s assigned reading cause you to view the article differently?
Provide a biblical perspective. How can stories, principles, and verses from Scripture connect to your article? Cite specific Scripture passages for this part of your response.
Examples of articles (please do not use the examples provided, but instead locate your own article):

Thai Soccer Team Rescued

Unknown Teen Given a Proper Burial

Flood Rescues in Japan

Free Veterinary Care for Pets of the Homeless

Three pages in length (not including the cover page and reference page).
Constructed using an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion, with quality college-level writing.
Written in Word using APA format. It should include the following:
A cover page.
Assignment written using an APA approved font and size, double spaced.
In-text citations to support main points.
A reference page with full APA references for each in-text citation used for support.
Note: The APA Requirements module is helpful for additional APA requirements.
Supported by Scripture.
Click on the Session 1 Paper link and submit your assignment as a Word document by the posted due date. Review the rubric available in Due Dates and Grades for specific grading criteria.

Review Chapter 1 of Nolasco & MacDonald (2016).

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