Respond 4 sentences each peer.

Respond 4 sentences each peer.


Peer# 1


I believe that evolution and religious doctrine can co-exist because I see flaws in what I’ve learned about evolution that could possibly be explained if there is a “higher power” at work. I also see flaws in what many churches teach about religion, but that’s a conversation for another time. The main flaw I see in what I know about evolution is the amount of time it would have taken for each step of evolution from monkeys to humans versus how old the Earth is estimated to be. I believe it would have taken millions of years for each step of human evolution that would have required significant changes in Earth’s atmosphere to trigger each step of evolution, and I don’t believe the Earth is old enough nor has it gone through enough changes to account for that many evolutionary phases. Of course, I haven’t studied the science of evolution to be able to speak on the matter with any authority, but it’s possible that those changes could have taken place under the control of a God or “higher power”.


I don’t believe science will be the end of religion, but rather it will help explain how some things have happened under the control of a God/higher power. That’s not to say that the explanation will negate the fact that those same things it explains were or are created by a “God”. With all of that in mind, I do think that it’s possible to be both a spiritual person and a scientist. I have met many intelligent, scientifically minded individuals in my lifetime that were also spiritual.


Peer# 2


My high school honors Biology teacher put it in the simplest but most powerful way possible when we first started our unit on evolution. She said science is the how and religion is the why. Science explains what happened and how it happened while religion is your reason why it happened. Most ancient cultures and religions have some variation of the flood myth which coincides with the fact that in deserts we have found fossils of aquatic animals and plant forms. In a perfect world, the two would always work together in tandem but of course, this is not a perfect world. In our current state as a people, it is impossible for religion and science to thrive without butting heads. Not because it is impossible for them to connect but because it’s impossible to force people to agree and look at the other side and that goes for more than just religion and science. Personally, I am a spiritual person and I subscribe to a scientific view of the universe. For me, science describes our current reality as we know it and spirituality describes the universe that we don’t know but try to control. I don’t think science should be the end of religion or vice versa but unfortunately, it looks like only one will out sustain the other but the question is which one will it be.


Peer# 3


I think it is possible for evolution and religious doctrine to coexist. I’m starting to see many religious denominations and individuals finding ways to reconcile their beliefs with the scientific understanding of evolution. With that said, it is likely to be both a spiritual person and a scientist. Being spiritual refers to having a belief in something beyond the physical realm, such as a higher power, interconnectedness, or a sense of purpose. On the other hand, being a scientist involves the pursuit of knowledge through empirical observation, experimentation, and logical reasoning. When scientific reasonings fall short, we can turn to religion for guidance, and vice versa. Together, evolution and religion provide a balanced approach to understanding things that may occur.


I am not worried about science leading to the demise of religion because, as I previously mentioned, both offer a balanced approach. There will always be individuals who believe in a higher power over science, as well as those who believe in both science and a higher power.

Respond 4 sentences each peer.

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