Psychology Part 1,2 – Skinner (1971) offered a simple rule

Part 1 Consider the following statements:

Good vs Bad

 “Skinner (1971) offered a simple rule of thumb: Things that are called good are positive reinforcers. Things that are called bad are punishers. Activities that are called right are those that are reinforced. Activities that are called wrong are those that are punished” (Baum 2017, p. 213). Feelings “Skinner (1971) discussed the difference between what we do and what we ought to do as an example of the difference between a fact and the way we feel about the fact.” (Baum 2017, p. 214).

A parent describes the behavior of his child with the statement;

Koia knows right from wrong. I can tell because she feels bad when she does something wrong. But she just can’t help herself.

• How would the behavior described by this parent be interpreted and explained from the perspective of radical behaviorism? How would ‘good vs bad’ decisions – and ‘feelings’ about one’s behavior be explained?

 Part 2 Select a treatment of instructional approach that may be characterized as pseudoscience. Identify the risk – and potential unwanted impact that this approach may result in.

• Drawing from the principles of applied behavior analysis – and radical behaviorism, explain how this treatment – lacking in scientific evidence of effectiveness – is nevertheless still supported and promoted by some. Also drawing from the principles of applied behavior analysis, discuss approaches that could be used to educate and inform supporters of this dubious approach.

Psychology Part 1,2 – Skinner (1971) offered a simple rule

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