Poetry analysis

Word Limit: 500-550 words

The “Poetry Analysis” is a FIVE paragraph essay where you will present either a thematic or a structural analysis of your chosen poem.

You will choose ONE of the following poems for your analysis:

(a) “There Will Come Soft Rains”

(b) “Remember Me”

(c) “I Lost My Talk”

(d) “Coal”

The INTRODUCTION of your poem will follow a specific structure:

(a) The first sentence should offer the following information: the title of the poem, poet’s name and publication information

(b) The second sentence of the introduction identifies the major idea 

(c) the third sentence comments on the structure of the poem

(d) the forth sentence comments on the purpose of the poem

(e) a thesis statement: this is an argumentative or debatable sentence that tell your readers the main point of your essay: try to write a thesis that has three parts and you can develop each of these parts into a body paragraph subsequently

Example: In the poem Y, the concept of love is presented  as an internal emotion and a foundational criterion of self-care through the use of symbols and imagery.


(a) Start the body paragraph with a clear topic sentence that states identifies the specific topic of the paragraph. 

For example, if you are focusing on the theme of love in a paragraph you could write: “X focuses on the concept of love in this poem and demonstrates the variations and complexities associated with the cultural expressions of love”.

(b) Present an argument – this is the main point of your paragraph.

Example: By focusing on the concept of self-love, the poem explores the possibility of conceptualizing love an an internalized emotion rather an external emotion.

(c) Evidence: Use one or more quotation/s from your chosen poem to support the argument you presented.

(d) Explanation: Explain the quotation and demonstrate how it connects to the topic of the paragraph as well as the main thesis of the essay

Poetry analysis

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