Personal Statement Outline – Childhood ambition

Personal Statement Outline
Before you start crafting your personal statement, you need to select your main ideas and organize them in an outline. A good personal statement usually has the components listed below. Each component will become a paragraph in your statement. Keep in mind that each paragraph should only have one idea.

Introduction: What prompted you to pursue this field? Here are some possible ideas (focus on just one):

Childhood ambition
Life-event that impacted you
Moment of clarity
Body paragraph 1: What makes you best suited for this career? State your first “fact” (stick to ONE “fact”), you will need to provide examples of when you’ve displayed this trait. Here are some examples of what this could be:

Leadership example
Volunteer example
Skills example
Body paragraph 2+: You want to show another trait or attribute (“fact” 2) that sets you apart and shows that you are well suited for this career. You can have additional paragraphs like this, just keep in mind that each paragraph should focus on only one “fact” and each “fact” should be different from those in the other paragraphs.

State and support your “fact” 2. It must be different from your first “fact”.
Body paragraph 3: How does it all come together?

How does “fact” 1 and “fact” 2 (or more) integrate to make you the perfect candidate?
Body paragraph 4: What will you bring to (_____ school)?

Up to this point, you have established you are the perfect candidate. But now, you need to explain how does this make (_____ school) a better place for you?
Concluding paragraph: How will (_____ school) help you move forward on your career path?

Finish with a strong prediction of who you will be at the end of your time at (_____ school).

Personal Statement Outline – Childhood ambition

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