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Objective: This discussion is intended to get you critically thinking about a long standing debate in the field of psychology.



To get full points for this discussion, complete your reading to this point and then:


Submit a main post of 300 words (minimum) that answers all of the following questions by Saturday noon. (Please post your word count as the last line of your post).

Post a response (of 150 words minimum) to one other student’s post between Saturday noon and the due date (Wednesday at 2:00pm). Your response should be 100 words (minimum) and respond to one other student’s post. Be sure to follow NETiquette. (Please post your word count as the last line of your post).

Main Post

(10 points) question/prompt:


The nature/nurture debate involves whether human behavior is determined by the environment, either prenatal or during a person’s life, or by a person’s genes. While acknowledging that both “nature” (heredity) and “nurture” (environment) play a role in determining human behavior, you are to take a position on one or the other.


Respond to this discussion by stating which you believe plays a more significant role in a person’s life, explain why. You are to back up your opinion with the best evidence that you can think of—from personal observation or experience, or from what you have learned about human behavior from research, reading in chapter 1, and/or video & reading in chapter 2 —to support your position.



(5 points) should include:


Return to the discussion (between Saturday noon and Wednesday at 2:00pm when both your main post and response are due).


Read several students’ main post. When you see an answer that interests you, click “reply” then type your Response. Be sure to follow the length requirement (above) for your response. Replies can include contrasting the other student’s answer to your own, making an application of their answer to your experience, adding more material, or bringing up questions related to their post.


In addition, comment on the following in your response: Pages 9-12 of the text discuss the fact that human development is said to be multidimensional and multicontextual. Which dimension and/or context of development do you believe has had the biggest effect on you (i.e. cohort, culture, age, socio-economic status and/or physical domain, cognitive domain, or psychosocial domain)?


Note: Do not expect credit for brief responses such as, “good post”!

No unread replies.No replies.

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