Leadership Impact on Successful Organizations

Leadership Impact on Successful Organizations

In our Module 6 lecture you investigated the importance of strategic leadership and the crucial role in leading teams towards achieving organizational objectives. Review the attached SIMMULATION and complete the following assignment requirements on the importance that leadership and teamwork play in overall strategic planning, management, and project implementation. This Memo document will be included as an attachment in my final portfolio projectsubmission.



You will create a memo (2 – 3 paragraphs) addressed to the organization’s CEO.

Include observations and important highlights from the simulation content that support the importance of effective leadership and team functionality. Relate this to the business plan you are formulating for the Mod 8 portfolio assignment.

Your submission must follow the Memo Format (attached)

Include an appendix with two current (within the past 5 years) credible references that will serve as reading recommendations for the CEO.

My Portfolio Project:


For this project, you are to evaluate an existing service line or program (such as a diabetes management program, comprehensive oncology center, geriatric wing of a hospital, etc.) for an actual/real healthcare organization. You may select a hospital, integrated medical group, day surgery facility, nursing home, or urgent care facility within your own community. If your current employer falls into one of the categories, you may use your current employer/organization for this project. For the purpose of the assignment, assume that you are the Director of Strategic Planning for this organization.


The CEO has assigned you the responsibility for making an informed decision as to the best way forward strategically, whether that means that the organization expands the selected program, continues the current strategy it employs, changes certain aspects of operational strategy, fully maintains the program as is, merges the program with another one, or closes the program. The summary of your assessment will be presented to the Board of Directors, CEO, COO, and CFO, so those perspectives must be considered.


My chosen healthcare organization: UC Health, Colorado


My chosen service line: Cancer Care Program

Leadership Impact on Successful Organizations

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