I need help with the following assignment.

I need help with the following assignment. Attached is the article that needs to be analyzed and critiqued in the specific format below:


1. Identify the statement of the problem within the article and the main objective.


2. Evaluate the methodology used by the author (s).


3. Assess and offer perspective on the most significant outcomes of the study.


4. Describe the article’s recommendations and propose an alternative evaluation or research approach that might be utilized to investigate the situation; thow would you set up the research?.


5. Assess the article’s effectiveness from the perspective of a healthcare services leader and how they are delivered.


The other part of the assignment is conducting a 5-slide ppt (not including the cover and reference page) summarizing the outlined format above in regards to the attached journal/article. The ppt should be professional and brief, with some notes on the side to elaborate the slides.


To be clear: I need a word document with the criteria of 1-5 in APA format and a 5 slide PPT. Thank you for your help!

I need help with the following assignment.

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