How to manage remote employee?

How to manage remote employee?

PART 1——–Please remember, the purpose of Phase 2 (Chapter 2) is to provide a comprehensive review of the literature related to the problem under investigation. Therefore, it goes way beyond the introduction and background information presented in Phase 1.


It is expected that Phase 2 will be the bulk of your paper and will require headings. First, use Level 1 headings for chapter titles and then use levels 2 and 3 for section headings and subsection headings.


Chapter 2 presents scholarly sources to help you develop a solid recommendation / practical application for Chapter 3.


It is expected that Chapter 2 will be heavily cited, including some direct quotations (although please keep direct quotes to a minimum). Remember, if a direct quote is more than 40 words, it should be in a block format. Chapter 2 is not a place to interject any personal ideas or opinions.


It is okay if it is easier to submit Phase II of your paper with Phase 1 included. The professor will begin the review with Chapter Two: Literature Review.


PART 2—-


Post your voice-over PPT to this discussion.


In your presentation, you will summarize the information researched for your leadership problem / issue.


Each presentation should contain no more than 14 slides or less than 12.

Use 1 slide for the title page and 1 slide for the reference page.

APA format should apply to the reference slide – with a minimum of 4 scholarly/business references

While slides should be informative, they should not be too wordy – otherwise they become a distraction for the audience

Remember the 5 x 5 or 7.7. rule.

It is expected that students will add to the content of the slides during the presentation. Remember your audience can read what is on the slide.

Each slide should be posted in this link as well as the Special Forum in the Discussion Board for 2 x 2 evaluations.

Your presentation should take 10 – 12 minutes.



Would you please post your completed research paper to this assignment space? Then, give it one more review before you Post.


Requirements: 8. | .doc file


How to manage remote employee?

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