History of the medical disease or condition

Create a 3-4-slide audio-narrated PowerPoint presentation to include the following:

A title slide with your name, date, class name, instructor name, and project topic

Content slide(s) to include:

  • The name of the medical disease or condition you chose as your topic and the reason for selecting

Definition of the medical disease or condition

History of the medical disease or condition

Relevant image of the medical disease or condition (and remember to cite your source for the image)

Reference slide for all source material and images used within the Mini-Presentation

APA in-text citation and reference formatting is optional for this assignment.  However, it will be required for subsequent assignments.

*Writing Expectations:  Apply scientific concepts and use scientific terminology correctly.  Utilize proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.  For help with pronunciation, see this link: .

  • Additional Resources:
  • How to format clip art and stock images: 
  • Evaluation:  Review the  that describe how your Mini-Presentation will be graded. 
  • Submission Instructions:
  • You must submit your Mini-Presentation as a “PowerPoint” (.ppt or .pptx) file AND title your file name as FirstnameLastname_BIOL181_MiniPresentation.pptxOtherwise, you will not receive credit for your assignment.
  • Upload your assignment for grading by selecting the “Add a File” section.

The new screen will prompt you to select the “My Computer” button so you can locate the PPT file of your Mini-Presentation on your computer (file size must be under 100MB).

  • Find the file and double-select it.

Select “Continue“.

Double-check to ensure that your Mini-Presentation was successfully uploaded as an attachment.

When you have completed this assignment, type “Completed” in the rich text editor box below.

History of the medical disease or condition

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