HIS-122 Populists’ vs Progressives Critical Thinking Assignment

After viewing/reading the course page and conducting your own research via the Institution library and course textbook, respond to the following prompt.  Keep in mind that this is not a discussion forum. This is a writing assignment.

1) Find an article about Populists and an article about Progressives from the Institution library database and summarize each article. (Use the 3 American History Articles AttachedHI)

2) Who were the leaders of each of these parties and what did they fight for?

3) Overall, do you feel that the Populist and Progressive movements were successful? Why or why not? Provide examples and reasons to justify your response.  

The guidelines for this assignment are:

1. Your response must be three well-developed paragraphs of at least five sentences each.

2. Your complete word count on this assignment must be at least 250 words.

3. You must use at least three credible sources. At least one source should be a credible modern news source related to the topic. NewsBank is an excellent resource to use for modern news sources. 

4. You must cite all direct quotes and paraphrased material with proper APA in-text citations in the paragraphs.

5. At the bottom of your submission (right below the paragraphs), you must include an APA-style bibliography of all your sources.

6. Your submission should be free of grammar, content, and style errors.

7 Points


Topic, ideas and argument are clearly stated for the intended audience. Shows synthesis of topic. Provides appropriate background information/defines important elements and concepts essential to understanding the topic.

8 Points


Analysis is developed to be concrete and scenic with narrative rather than just “tell” with abstract exposition. Concrete examples, quotations, anecdotes, descriptions, images etc. are fully developed in effective proportion to support the ideas. Analysis describes the issue/situation(s) and its relevance – historical, societal, political, and/or economic impacts and provides an overview of the various viewpoints surrounding the issue.

5 Points


Writing uses Standard Edited American English. Language and diction are appropriate to audience. Follows rules for grammar, spelling and usage. APA formatting is present

HIS-122 Populists’ vs Progressives Critical Thinking Assignment

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