For this unit, you have examined the 7-Step Model.

For this unit, you have examined the 7-Step Model. This tool covers questions you must ask yourself when analyzing an ethical dilemma. This model examines the behavior analyst’s education and experience level, the threat of possible harm to clients, conflicts, and potential legal issues. The readings showed how the 7-Step Model can be used. When working to resolve ethical dilemmas, it is important to be prepared for any legal questions that may arise. Unit 3 covered many steps to take to make sure you, as a practitioner, are protected.




Scenario 1


Alba, a new Board-Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA), has been working for a local company providing home-based applied behavior analysis (ABA) services to children diagnosed with autism. Recently, she was assigned a case that required expertise in feeding disorders. The baby, 9 months old, has been labeled “failure to thrive” and has only gained 5 pounds since birth. She told her supervisor that she has no expertise in this severe condition and would like to be removed from the case. Her supervisor told her that no one on staff has experience with this type of behavior and that she would have to research the condition.


Scenario 2


Yukito has worked for Behavior Incorporated for 6 months. He recently had lunch with a colleague, and they discussed the stress of meeting the billable hour quota each week. His colleague told him that he finally got sick of the pressure and, about 3 weeks ago, began padding his hours. “Oh, I do a little literature review for each client and add 30 minutes to each client’s hours for billing. No more stress!” Yukito is shocked! He is faced with the question of how to handle his colleague’s breach of the Code.




Choose one of the scenarios and determine possible approaches to resolving the ethical dilemma in the case. Discuss the relevant codes that apply to this scenario. Describe the 7-Step Model and explain the purpose of each step. Use the 7-Step Model to explain the next steps to follow.


Guided Response Posts


Complete your discussion this week by responding to multiple peer posts. Comment on their discussion of the 7-Step Model. Add thoughts related to their perspective on the suggested next step to follow.

For this unit, you have examined the 7-Step Model.

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