Ethics Writing

For this assignment, you will begin analyzing your chosen topic for the project ( My chosen topic was gender equality and women right) and reflecting on ethical decision-making. This assignment builds toward portions of Part Two and Part Three of the project, in which you will expand on these responses and integrate additional project components. 

Specifically, you must address the following:

Part One: Analyze Your Chosen Topic (This corresponds with Part Two of the project.)

In this section, you will look at how ethics inform and influence decisions.

Explain how your chosen topic is framed by an ethical framework.

Explain which ethical frameworks have influenced the historical decision making regarding your topic.

What evidence do you have for your answer?

  1. Discuss the impact of ethical decisions on your chosen topic.

Part Two: Reflect on Ethical Decision Making (This corresponds with Part Three of the project.)

  1. In this section, you will reflect on the process of your ethical decision making. You will not be providing a solution for a problem, but looking at the steps you would take, or should take, in discussing, examining, and evaluating the ethical aspects of possible outcomes.

Describe ways that your cultural influences shape your morals and values.

Support your description/explanation with sources.

  1. Explain how your cultural or individual biases impact the ethical decisions you make about your chosen topic.
  2. Support your description/explanation with sources.

Discuss ways that your cultural influences impact your ethical decisions when considering your chosen topic.

Support your description/explanation with sources.

Ethics Writing

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