Discussion: The Reciprocating Self-Resource

CCOU301: Christian Counseling for Marriage and Family: Discussion on The Reciprocating Self

Chapter 7 of the Balswick & Balswick (2014) text discusses theories of child development and Biblical implications that may be applied as parents/caregivers seek to encourage children to develop a healthy sense of self.  The reciprocating self engages others from a healthy point of view. Review the text, Bible and the article included to answer the following prompts.

Thread: How does one know their “true selves” per the text/Bible?

What is God’s hope for mankind?

How does the Christian concept of absolute truth inform a sense of self, and how does this differ from a secular view?

According to the article, the relational nature of the triune God is not represented within ourselves but among ourselves.  Apply scripture to either support or negate this statement.

Refer to the reciprocating self-model in the article.  What characteristics are necessary for an “I-thou” relationship with others?  How might one handle a situation in which they pursue this type of relationship, but it is not reciprocated?  How can one rightly assess what types of relations they tend towards with others, and what methods can they employ (spiritually and otherwise) to find a healthy sense of self and relation to others?

Discussion: The Reciprocating Self-Resource


Discussion: The Reciprocating Self-Resource

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