Discussion – Knowing And Applying Theory

6-1 Discussion: Knowing And Applying Theory

As you have learned in this course, there are numerous criminological theories that attempt to explain the causes of criminal behavior. Despite disagreement among the different theories regarding the causes of this behavior, research data gathered in support of each theory can be very useful to criminal justice professionals. In this discussion, you will explore the importance of knowing and applying criminological theory.

Answer the following questions in your initial post:

  • What are the benefits of understanding criminological theories?
  • What are possible limitations of applying theories?
  • What are potential negative consequences of generalizing or stereotyping in regard to criminal behavior?

In your response to two of your peers, identify one benefit or limitation they may not have considered and explain why you think that might be an important consideration, and, if possible, identify one negative consequence of generalizing or stereotyping they identified that you did not consider. Remember always to be respectful when replying to peers, even if you do not agree with their responses.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric.

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