Cultural diversity discussions

Respond to each post with 150 words each and a reference each. Make sure the response is made of meaningful content. Thank you!1) I have chosen to use my own company for this assignment, Helping Hands and Caring Hearts. I know from personal experience the importance of reaching out to the Hispanic community. We recently were approached by a school that certifies CNA’s but they teach only Spanish speaking students or students with minimal English skills. Our company, like other healthcare agencies are in dire need of help. The only problem is few of our clients are Spanish speaking and it would not be appropriate to staff non-English-speaking employees because one of the key elements to our service is being able to communicate with our clients. But we hated to lose the opportunity to add additional staff members. We have actively sought out physicians with practices that accommodate Spanish speaking patients. I am proud to say through those efforts we have employed 5 individuals in the past year that we otherwise would have passed over. Pinellas counties has a population of over 97,000 Hispanics, with approximately 10% over the age of 65. This is a large population in need of services. We are developing marketing strategies to target this audience. Now that we have a relationship with the CNA school, we are continuing to build relationships with other healthcare professionals and are hopeful to increase our staff in the coming years. ——-2)I choose my job that I work for, the Florida Orthopaedic Institute that provides orthopaedic surgery, physical therapy and occupational therapy care. I work on the Therapy side of things and as a whole company, “Florida Orthopaedic Institute’s mission is to provide patients with world-class orthopaedic care, achieving exceptional outcomes through continuing research and specialty expertise” (About Us. (n.d). In the company we have 9 different offices and locations around the Tampa Bay Area and a total of 30 front desk workers on Physical therapy side and 12/30 speak Spanish as for a good percentage of our cliental in our Tampa locations speak Spanish. To accommodate them, even with phone calls we are able to email out to our department to see if anyone can assist with a Spanish speaking patient. I think it would be more beneficial and would help if they had those that spoke Spanish with the company all under one email group to make it a faster response for the patients and that they could have a section for their orders to go to when we need to call to set up a appointment, that way we don’t accidental miss the Language part of their chart being Spanish and we have to hang up on them because they do not Speak English and some of us do not Speak Spanish. But we accommodate other than for us employees greatly to the Hispanic Community, with having bilingual and Spanish doctors to interpret with them and us as workers to be able to get them to the proper doctor so there is not misunderstanding.

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