Critical reflection style

Critical reflection style

Part 1 (2 points)

Reflect on chapter 1 textbook reading by answering the following questions:

???Based on your readings for chapter 1, explain one historic event in public health that has influenced the philosophy and values of the field.

???How can our understanding of the history of community health efforts helps us better plan for today’s public health challenges?
Explain your answer

Part 2 (4 points)

  1. Explore the WHO – Public health milestones through the years. Select two events and describe them. Please note they should each come from a different decade (e.g., one event form 50’s, one from 60’s, one from the 2000’s). For each event look into an external source (e.g., article, website, podcast, video, etc.) that talks about that event and include the reference and one new fact you learned from the source. Please remember to use APA formatting for references.

Part 3 (4 points)

  1. Read the article Globalization and Health

(https://www.ncbi.n/ Based on the

article answer the following questions:

???Briefly explain globalization in your own words and how you see its connection to health outcomes.

???Briefly explain one positive health impact due to globalization that is discussed in the article.

???Briefly explain one negative health impact due to globalization that is discussed in the article.

???Based on what you learned about globalization and health, what can you, as a future health professional (think about this as it applies to your field of study), do to help alleviate some of the challenges that globalization has created as it relates to the health of populations? Explain your answer.

Critical reflection style

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