conduct an external and internal company analysis.

Conduct an external analysis of a company or organization of your choosing.
Use all of the tools necessary to conduct a thorough evaluation of the external environment in which your chosen company or organization operates.   Make sure you emphasize its global position and diversification of interests. 

Identify all the pertinent issues pertaining to that external environment, global strategies, and diversification. 

Perform an analysis and evaluation of those issues

The evaluation should be 3-5 pages in length, have at least 3 references, and be APA formatted.

  • Connection to Final Project
  • This research project connects with the several other exercises to write a cumulative strategic plan throughout the course. You’ll be using the same company and iterating different research foci through the following weeks:

The final report includes the following components:

Provide a general description of the organization (started in unit 2)

Identify the Vision and mission statements (started in unit 2)

Evaluate the role of ethics, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability in strategy implementation (started in unit 2)

Define what is core and non-core business (started in unit 2)

  • Identify Global strategies (started in unit 4)
  • Provide strategies for diversified companies (started in unit 4)
  • Review five sources of revenue (started in unit 6)
  • Assess any internal organizational components that impact strategy implementation (started in unit 6)
  • Create a final, summary, action plan for business integration, and strategic planning suggestions (completed in unit 7)

conduct an external and internal company analysis.

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