Complete One Page Journal for Social Course (JOURNAL)

View the instructions in the picture and complete the journal duePlease make sure to FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS WITH NO PLAGIARISMPlease answer ALL QUESTIONS in the instructionsCase Study #1:
Dan, the Premed Student
Due: Sunday, March 29
For this assignment, you will interpret and relate sociological content to a
“case” included in your readings. This week, you read about the basics of
human development, the biopsychosocial approach, and personenvironment fit. In this case study, you will apply this to “Case Study: The
Premed Student” (p. 90) answering the below questions.
First, what is cultural competence? What role does cultural competence, or
lack thereof, play in this case? Does the social worker described in the
case seem to have an adequate understanding of how much Dan’s beliefs
are influenced by Chinese American culture? Of his family history and
situation? Do you think it would be appropriate to explore Dan’s feelings
about his father’s abdication of family responsibilities, as the
psychodynamic approach would suggest? Why or why not?
In this case study, do you think there is anyone the client, Dan, could
observe as a role model who might offer an alternative way to understand
his responsibility as the male family member? Apply what you’re read about
social behavioral learning.
Your answers should be in essay format, typed, 1-2 pages in length, and
double-spaced. This assignment should be completed independently. A
high-quality essay will explicitly incorporate concepts, theories, and topics
from the text and lectures, and it will demonstrate a good understanding of
them as they pertain to the specific questions above. A high-quality essay
will explicitly answer each question and integrate scholarly support from the
course reading(s).

Assignment Length: 1-2 pages
Format: Typed (12pt. font), double-spaced, one (1) inch margins
You must provide citations using a consistent and appropriate APA format
both in-text and with a References page at the end of the submission
Be sure to clearly and correctly define all sociological concepts, terms, or
theories that are used in your paper. Show off what you’ve learned!
Excessive problems in grammar, spelling, and punctuation will result in grade
SOCI 2282
ASU – Bennett

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