company law 401

To assess your ability to:Apply legal issues and concepts related to the duty of loyalty to create appropriate solutions in case study scenario.Apply main concepts of Saudi Company law in case study scenario.Saudi Construction Case Study Part 1:Asad and three business associates have decided to start a business: Saudi Construction. They will do work for oil companies in Saudi Arabia at first, but he hopes the firm will grow within two or three years to gain heavy construction contracts throughout the Middle East. Asad wonders whether he should form a corporation, a partnership, or maybe a limited liability company under Saudi Companies Law.Asad believes they will initially need about $10 million in capital to run the business and have sufficient financial reserves to do large-scale projects. After two years, they will need an additional $20 million in capital.Asad will be in charge of business operations. He realizes they need a business plan that will address how to value the corporation in order to raise the necessary capital in two years. It also needs to address how Saudi Construction can legally protect its assets in an industry where lawsuits are a common hazard.Meanwhile, his associates have pressured Asad to kick-start the business by signing a couple of lucrative contracts right away; they tell him he shouldn’t worry about the administrative paperwork. They say that nobody ever looks at the paperwork once a business is formed and it’s no big deal.Action ItemsIn at least a two-page paper, fully respond to the following:Asad has hired you as his business consultant to help him make good decisions. Give him advice on his questions:What are the advantages and disadvantages of forming the business as:a corporation?a partnership?a limited liability company?What is his potential liability as an individual and what can he do to limit his risk?What issues might arise from following his business associates’ advice?What other factors should he take under consideration?In helping Asad with the business plan, explain:How he can value his businessWhat the business can do to reduce its riskHow the owners can limit their liabilityWhat the business should (and should not!) do to protect against lawsuitsWhat factors he must consider on how to raise capitalWhat mix of capital the business should haveCite your resources in APA format.

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