Community and Family Engagement

Interviewing experienced educators is an important element of learning to teach. Some of what a beginning educator needs to be aware of cannot be learned just by physically sitting in a classroom or completing an online course. The interview experience provides you with the opportunity to ask someone who actually does what you’re learning to do in your program.

Select the provider/teachers who will be interviewed from each of the following early childhood settings:

Private home

Day care center


  • Elementary school
  • Ensure that the setting-specific  is used to complete the interview.
  • As a group, discuss the important knowledge and skills you learned from the teachers interviewed. Share some of the strategies that the teachers shared that you could see yourself implement in your role as an educator.
  • This assignment will have two parts. 

Part I

Write a summary for the interview that you conducted that includes the following information:

Site information: provider/teacher’s name, background and experience, age/grade level of children, and type of early childhood setting

Summary of provider/teacher’s responses to the interview questions

Specific knowledge or skills that you learned from this provider/teacher that could be applied to future teaching practice

Part II

Write a summary that includes:

Two strategies that you learned from your discussion with your group that could be applied to the future in your role as an educator.

Community and Family Engagement

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