Topic: Discussion question (2 pages)

Topic: Discussion question
Paper details:First, let’s talk about how to locate an item. What are the benefits of a library catalog versus simply browsing the shelves? Or is browsing a better option? Secondly, discuss a physical library and an online library. If the library has a strong web presence could the library be open fewer hours?
Additional Reading: Clapp, M.J. & Smallwood, C. (2012). How to thrive as a solo librarian. Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow Press. (e-book, can be found through the APU library catalog)

Writing a resume for janitorial contracts

Hardeep Dhaliwal Deep_astro@hot Mail .com403-830-6682 Start cleaning 1993Alberta janitorial. Still working1997 to 2008 Above and beyond Super vision Gdi. 2008 to still working Experience Office cleaning House cleaningFloor stripping and waxing Move in and move out Carpet cleaning Construction cleaningEquipment Auto scrubs, floor buffer, mop buckets , vacuum, dust mop,

Discussion questions for Module 1-4

I really need assistance with my questions 1-4. The deadline is April 2nd. I’m looking to get assistance because the window is closing in soon. Is it possible to get help so I can submit those assignments in a few days.


What type of internship are you seeking and why is participating in an internship important to your career goals?What
are some professional skills you hope to develop with this internship
and why (including, but not limited to the “Career Readiness
Competencies” today’s employers are looking for: critical
thinking/problem solving, oral/written communication,
teamwork/collaboration, digital technology, professionalism/work ethic,
career management, global/intercultural fluency)?The selection
committee will consider the financial need of the applicant when
selecting scholarship awardees. How would this award impact your ability
to participate in an unpaid internship experience?Could you answer questions above? I am looking for cyber security internship. Each question should be around 100 words.

Internship cover letter

The resume is ready. However, i need help in writing the cover letter for the application.i will provide the website for the company as well as more information needed for the cover letter once accepted.