COVID19 as an example of the many sources from which data originates. consider COVID19 from a research perspective.

Review the attached article, a model-based analysis that was recently published in The Lancet (it has good info and is an excellent example of well-presented research-based findings).Next, think about different ways in which a research project about this virus can be narrowed with a specific focus. Consider ways to narrow this topic based on geography, population, etc.a. Craft a research question indicative of a narrowed focus on one aspect of the virus.(Minimum 200 words)b. Discuss the value of your focused perspective.(Minimum 200 words)c. Discuss a possible analytics approach to the problem.(Minimum 200 words)Note:Consider this discussion as a brain-storming activity among data scientists. The purpose is to practice crafting research questions, discussion perspectives, and learning from the ideas of others.As always, if you state something that is not common knowledge and/or is not your idea, cite and reference as appropriate.

backup and recovery procedures help achieve RTO

1. How do documented backup and recovery procedures help achieve RTO2. True or false: To achieve an RTO of 0, you need 100 percent redundant, hot-stand-by
infrastructure (that is, IT systems, applications, data, and so on).3. What is most important when considering data backups?4. What is most important when considering data recovery?5. What are the risks of using your external e-mail box as a backup and data storage solution?6. Identify the total amount of time required to recover and install the Lab Assessment Worksheet(s)
and to open the file(s) to verify integrity. (Calculate your timed RTO using your computer clock
and your documented instructions.) 7. Did you achieve your RTO? What steps and procedures can you implement to help drive RTO
even lower? 8. What are some recommendations for lowering the RTO for retrieval and access to the backup data
9. If you drive RTO lower, what must you do to streamline the procedure? 10. Why are documenting and testing critical to achieve a defined RTO?
11. Why is it a best practice for an organization to document its backup and recovery steps for disaster
recovery? 12. What can you do to cut down on the recovery time for accessing, copying, and recovering your
Lab Assessment Worksheets to achieve the RTO? 13. What will encryption of a disk or data in storage do to the RTO definition when attempting to
retrieve and recover cleartext data for production use? 14. How many total steps did your backup and recovery procedures consist of for this lab exercise?
Are there any that can be combined or streamlined?
15. If the individual accessing the system for disaster recovery purposes were not familiar with the IT
system and required system administrator logon credentials, what additional step would be
required in the recovery phase? ReferenceJones & Bartlett Learning, LLC, an Ascend Learning Company. All rights reserved.

student needs to comment other group’s presentation.

Please find the below attachment for presentation and Needs to provide one comment (Response) on the presentation.Net Neutrality
Group 6
Akshata Rao
Shravya Rajeshuni
Sravan Reddy Poreddy
Sairin Maredia
Preeti Sethi – Team Leader
Bhanu Prakash Mettu
Asha Nimmagadda
Aman Adil – did not participate in this activity

Net neutrality is the idea which was originated with telephone lines that used by many
people to connect with each other, here the operator will never blocks the access to the
users number nor delays the connection with the users number unless forced by law.

Net neutrality is based on the internet service providers and this providers should treat all
the internet traffic such as speed and access on the equal basis no matter what is the
content used to transmit packets.

Using net neutrality will offer the user to express their freedom so they can come up with
new innovations and they can have equal rights to use all websites and this also will
prevent from monitoring but still provides the service of monitoring illegal activities.
Shravya Rajeshuni
Introduction :
Shravya Rajeshuni
Advantages of Net Neutrality

Freedom of expression

It creates an equal playing field.

Allows everyone to voice their personal opinion
No one receives special treatment because they have more money.
Promotes and protects innovation
Akshata Rao

Ensures that larger companies don’t take advantage of tiny startups or local vendors

All products are treated equal and served to the end user in need
Advantages of Net Neutrality

Monitors illegal activities

Classifies internet service providers as a utility provider.

No exclusion

100% of content on the internet is available to everyone.
Unfettered access

Akshata Rao
Ensures unlimited access to multiple websites (for example: online banking without paying for
subscription fees)
Disadvantages of Net Neutrality

One of the disadvantages of net neutrality is absence of payment for the data consumption for the

With net neutrality, most aspects of the internet have become unregulated.

The limitation of income due to consumption of internet, leads to poor development of infrastructure

One more problem with net neutrality is that sometimes the priority channels or streaming content
can be selected by the ISP (Internet service provider) rather than choice given to the consumer.
Sairin Maredia
Disadvantages of Net Neutrality

Some content with questionable remarks are easily available to all users.

With internet service is concerned with profitability, those consumers with affordability issues
cannot afford the service.

A few supporters of halting net neutrality recommend that an ISP could charge an organization
who uses more data and this could prompt free access to specific locales.

In case of strict governmental regulations, there can be slower access to consumers.
Sairin Maredia
Net neutrality: impact on business

Net neutrality effects different sectors; organizations, education, businesses

Imbalance of market place takes place

Power game can take place.

Intended oppression of start ups can be done

Smaller firms raises more voice when it comes to net neutrality than bigger giants

If business is only by means of online, Most likely be impacted full.

Companies like Airbnb, Uber will be affected most.
Sravan Reddy Poreddy
Net neutrality: Impact on business

Regulating the internet the way people use effects the business

Doesn’t matter if it’s a small company or big

Smaller companies are affected by limited web accessibility of their online products for different
customers by service providers

Bigger companies due to their large scale e-commerce, their speed of accessing the their website be
limited by service providers

Smaller companies don’t have money to sustain if net neutrality is enforced and will be killed(Hall,2018)

Bigger companies although sustain, their product costs will be increased

So effect will be more on smaller firms than bigger firms.
Sravan Reddy Poreddy
Ways the Net Neutrality Can Damage Small
When the Net Neutrality is not maintained there are three possible ways that it can damage young businesses.

When you treat your data same as main street as it is on wall street.

Adopting Scenarios like pay-to-play

Diminishing user experience
Bhanu Prakash Mettu
Quality of Experience, Operational Costs & Net-neutrality
Preeti Sethi
How Net neutrality can be effectively used for
increasing Quality of Experience (QoE) for Users
It is imperative that the Impact of traffic management is monitored:
● Collection of data describing effects of prioritization policies
implemented and transparency of such data
● Operators need to be allowed to examine the packets flowing
through networks to get a feedback for the mechanisms that improve
Preeti Sethi
Framework for Monitoring Net Neutrality
If we want to monitor net neutrality, we need a regulatory framework. Please find below some of
metrics to implement the neutrality
SYN flooding attack test:
It tests the ISP is delaying or shifting SYN flooding occurrences with detailed amount of SYN
packet sent. Generally, this type id attack can central to DOS.
Email related metrics
Use tool metrics to detect the use of middleboxes in e-mail associated protocols. It’s done by
transmitting commands containing syntactical errors.
Asha Nimmagadda
Framework for Monitoring Net Neutrality
3. Basic network measurements:
Foe basic network capacities like port delaying and changed behavior of packets, we try to
connect to various ports and measure the network joining parameters. We can implement this
for shared and unusual TCP ports. For SMTP, We can also use deformed SMTP commands and
check the integrity of the received data of server and client
Asha Nimmagadda
Aman Adil – did not participate
Aman Adil – did not participate

HALL, P. (2018). Owners see perils for small business in net neutrality reversal. Fairfield County Business
Journal, 54(2), 1–6.
Singh, S. (2018) Retrieved from,
IT Pro Team. (2019, November 4). The pros and cons of net neutrality. Retrieved from
Ittana. (2020). 13 Pros and Cons of Net Neutrality. Retrieved from
Martinez, L., Alvarez, O. A., Markendahl, Jan. (2015). Study of the potential impact of Quality-of-Experience based
services on Net Neutrality principles, 26th European Regional Conference of the International
Telecommunications Society (ITS), Madrid, Spain, 24-27 June 2015, International Telecommunications Society
(ITS), Madrid
Banerjea, P. (2018, February 16). 3 Ways the Net Neutrality Repeal Can Damage Your Business. Retrieved from

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4G Standard

Pick one 4G standard (such as LTE, IEEE 802.16m, etc.) and explain how it is different from other 4G standards.please cite sources/provide references. The answer needs to only be 250 WORDS. The question is very basic

Need Writing for below questions with a Minimum of 350 Words

Need only answers to Q1 &Q2.Chapter Nine (9):Information Governance (IG) and Records and Information Management Functions. From the Chapter, we have learned from that Records Management (RM) is a key impact area of IG – so much that in the RM space, IG is often thought of as synonymous with or a single superset of RM. From that perspective, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) defined business records as “information created, received, and maintained as evidence and information by an organization or person, in pursuance of legal obligations or in the transaction in the form of records.” Q1: To further enhance our knowledge and understanding of RM, ISO provided a more refined definition of RM to a granular level as“[the] field of management responsible for the efficient and systematic control ofwhat…? Identify and complete the missing phrase to directly complete the granular definition? Expand your knowledge and discussion in the same realm. Chapter 10: From this chapter, in addition, the previous ones, we continue to enhance our knowledge and understanding about IG best business practices, and how good data governance can ensure that downstream negative effects of poor data can be avoided and subsequent reports, analyses, and conclusions based on reliable, and trusted data could be achieved. From the risk management perspective, data governance is a critical activity that supports decision makers and can mean the difference between retaining a customer and losing one. On the same token, protecting your business data is protecting the lifeblood of your business, and improving the quality of the data will improve decision making, foster compliance efforts, and yield competitive advantages; thence business profits would be earned. To provide meaningful support to business owners, the Data Governance Institute has created a data governance framework, a visual model to help guide planning efforts and a logical structure for classifying, organizing, and communicating complex activities involved in making decisions about and taking action on enterprise data. Q2: With this framework in mind that allows for a conceptual look at data governance processes, rules, and people requirements identify and name and discuss the 10 levels of the DGI Data Governance framework from the Data Governance Institute? How can you relate that to your work environment or any similar experience?