Cancer Genetics Pedigree Lab Report

Hello, this is for a online genetics lab in which I am struggling analyizing gel electrophoresis results (image attached below) I will attach all the material below, handwritten on typed pedigree chart is fine! Please let me know if there is any confusion. Your tasks for lab:Task1) Read over the basics of pedigree analysis in the pdf and on page 62. Using the information on the bottom of page 62-63, create a pedigree for Valerie Browns family.Task 2) Read page 63 entitled Genetic Testing using PCR products and gel electrophoresis. I have provided for you a picture of a finished gel.Using the gel image, analyze the results, step #5 on page 64, and fill in the table.Skip Task 3 on page 64.Finally, Answer the questions on page 66. (Skip question #4) What needs to be handed in:Either a picture or scan of page 65 and 66 that has your final answers for pedigree analysis, table from page 64, and questions 1-3, and 5 answered. (omitting the DNA sequence table and question #4)Purchase answer to see full

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