Behavioral Modification Project Final Report

In your final report, include:

· A brief introduction

· Your treatment plan including modifications made based on the feedback provided on your Week 5 assignment

· You must consider feedback from Week 5’s assignment and make decisions about how to improve your project to make it the best it can be for the final version

· A summary of the project outcomes with quantitative information (tables and graphs! This means you need to collect data!.

· This figure should present a summary of your data. Do not include your raw data. For example, you might want to graph the percentage of successes you had across weeks

· An analysis/reflection on the experience

Additional Notes

· You must consider feedback from the pre-treatment report and make decisions about how to improve your project to make it the best it can be

· You may not be able to accommodate each of my specific suggestions, but you should have a rationale for how you respond to each piece of feedback. For example, if I suggest A but you come up with solution B you may decide to do B and you should be able to say why you picked that option over A


At least 7, up to 10 pages

· APA Format

Week 5 Feedback:

Brianna, As I read your project paper, I looked at what your ideas were from week 2. I am looking at how you used the concepts of operant conditioning as part of your detailed plan for this project. I looked to see if you followed the project directions because developing your plan in detail was your task. Pay attention to the fact that you are leading yourself to a final project paper. It is important that you know and understand the directions and what is being asked of you to complete. Please don’t lose points because you didn’t follow directions on both your paper and final project. One thing I do want to remind you about is that all of us have the same amount of time available to us each day. In that regard we are all equal. It is what we do with our time defines our efficiency and productivity. For our chosen professions and for our personal lives. I did notice if you used some of the terminology mentioned in the course and I am following your step-by-step procedures in my mind as I read and evaluate. I want to see if I could follow your plan without knowing any of the background. Then Im going to decide if it has a chance of working. One of my concerns is how much time and effort your plan takes to execute. If it takes more work than you are doing now, what are you going to choose. Gee that sounds almost like the matching law. You know more than anyone what things motivate you. You may want to consider that in your operant behavior modification. You also need to be able to measure and record your behavior modification as data for your future assignments. In a way think like you are writing a cookbook (in APA style of course) and someone has to follow your recipe. You have put this project paper together over the course of the term. My expectation is that you take all the other papers you wrote and mesh them together for a final professional paper. That means you should have already looked at what your final requirements are. When I grade your final 8.4 Paper, I expect a professional paper that meets all the requirements that you are proud to present in APA style. I realize that you may want to make changes to your plan as you move towards your final paper. You can but you need to explain why the change and the expectation from that change. For a paper of this type, it is highly recommended that you have at least two references other than your textbook. Citations and references help validate your work. I will be making additional comments on your project pages as I grade them. There will be some subjectivity along with the rubric used in my grading. I also compare how you are doing with your project compared to the other members of the class. Because that’s how it works out in the world, you will always be evaluated and compared to others. What I would like to do if it was possible; is to check back with you after this course is over and see if your plan worked for the long term or did you just do enough to get through this class. You’re the only one who is going to know that. I do hope you find a strategy that works for you because the further you go with school, maybe even graduate school because it does not get any easier. You have to have a plan that works for you. Finally, Im going to follow your progress for the rest of the course as I grade your future project papers and make sure everything has tied together. I know from experience that the changes you make now have the potential to really help your future, become better problem solvers and more successful. 

Behavioral Modification Project Final Report

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