Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder: 

First, identify 3 signs of autism. Then, explain what it means to be a “spectrum disorder” Finally,  explain how might we move towards embracing the neurodiversity paradigm shift in our educational system and beyond? What are some social structures that we might be able to modify in order to enable the “disabled”? Think about the implications of treating the word disabled as a verb rather than an adjective or noun.  How might this be helpful?

  1. Adolescent Cognitive Development:

Define Imaginary Audience and Dual Process Model in your own words, analyze, and apply to your own experience as an adolescent.  Give examples and a personal narrative.

Beliefs on Sleep:

  1. Think about your family’s beliefs on what infants need in order to sleep comfortably.  How has the SIDs video reinforced or challenged your beliefs?   


Imagine this scenario:

  1. You are a teacher in an infant classroom.  Your supervisor’s son is an infant enrolled in your class.  His wife has decided to visit her baby during her lunch break.  During her visit she unbuttons her shirt and reveals her breast before having her son latch on for a feeding.  He starts squirming and crying.  She realizes he needs a diaper change.  Without buttoning her shirt, she walks over to the changing table and changes his diaper.  Once she has changed his diaper, sanitized the table, and washed her hands, she continues to breastfeed him.

What feelings might you experience in this situation? 

Examine your  beliefs about nudity/modesty.  Should your supervisor’s wife have covered herself up before, during, and after the feeding?  Does it make a difference if you are a man or a woman?

What are some commonly held beliefs about breastfeeding? How might culture and social expectations affect a mother’s choice to breastfeed?

Finally,  how might social stigma affect the individual lives/development of infants?

  1. Multiple Intelligence:

Which of Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences do you identify with most? Why?  

Physical Differences in Puberty:

Consider the contrasting physical development between individual children, as well as amongst different genders during the period of adolescence. How might going through puberty earlier/later than your peers affect your overall development? 

Autism Spectrum Disorder

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