Assessment 3: Sustainable business operations report

Assessment 3: Sustainable business operations report


Your company plans to export products or to invest (FDI) in India. It is up to you to come up with a product/service that you will offer in India. Your trade/investment report should be informed by current research and has to make logical sense.


The goal is to convince the reader that the investment is worthwhile, not whether it is the right country.

Less generic info that has no value, and more on the real market analysis ­– who are the competitors, why will you succeed, where in NZ are you investing to, etc.

Would the reader or you invest in the company based on the report that you have produced?

Your answer may be based around but not limited to the following (these are some indicative themes you need to consider):


Identify the country (you have a choice in the country where your company is located) and industry of your company.

Identify goods/services that you are offering.

What strategy in the 2×2 matrix of international strategies, if any, best suits your company?

What entry mode would you suggest for the company?

What considerations should the firm have in choosing the location of its subsidiary(ies)? Why?

It is up to you to produce a professional business report with references (APA or Harvard Style) relying on various industry, company, country reports available freely or at cost.


You will be assessed not only on the content, but structure, communication, writing excellence, professionalism, referencing and other academic and practical criteria.

Assessment 3: Sustainable business operations report

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