ART A 150 words In the lecture, you learned about many cognitive processes, including perception. Perception involves how people interpret and make sense of the world around them.

PART A 150 words

Thought bubbleIn the lecture, you learned about many cognitive processes, including perception. Perception involves how people interpret and make sense of the world around them. As you learned, there are a variety of perceptual errors, including the recency effect and the halo effect. These errors help to explain why an individual’s perceptions might not correspond with reality and why people can have such differing perceptions from one another.

For discussion, you will apply this material to your personal or professional life. Please address the following in your initial post:

  • Summarize a time where your perception differed greatly from that of another person.
    • In so doing, make sure to describe your own perception and the other person’s and explain whether either of you might have been displaying one of the perceptual errors you learned about in lecture (halo effect, recency effect, etc.).
  • Detail what the results of this perceptual difference were. For instance, did it lead to hostility or difficulty finding common ground?
  • Outline specific ways this situation could have been handled differently using tips from lecture.
  • Identify some strategies you will use in the future to ensure you are perceiving reality as accurately as possible and not succumbing to perceptual errors


PowerPoint Presentation with Voiceover

Now it is time to put your research into a format that you can more easily present to others.This week, you will create a PowerPoint Presentation with voiceover to summarize your research findings on your chosen psychological principle of interest and analyze the connections between this topic and collaborative workplace processes. Your presentation will require both written and oral components.As you are working on your PowerPoint Presentation with voiceover, ensure that you are utilizing feedback that your instructor provided on your topic, overview, and research in Week 2.


All required elements of your presentation are described below. These elements should appear in proper written format and should be explained fully in your voiceover recording.Be sure to proofread for errors and accuracy and follow APA documentation guidelines. You are encouraged to add helpful visuals such as charts, graphs, pictures, diagrams, etc. and cite these as well. See the APA guide and provided examples from your instructor for additional support.

Your presentation should follow the general formatting sequence of:

  • Title slide with your name and date
  • Introduction slide
    • What are the main points or ideas that will be covered in the presentation?
    • Use this slide to prepare your audience for what will be covered in the remainder of the presentation.
  • Content slides
    • Topic overview
      • Define/describe chosen psychological principle.
      • Explain what you learned about this topic/principle.
    • Summarize how the chosen psychological principle/topic relates to collaborative workplace processes.
      • Remember: collaborative workplace processes involve working with others in a team or group.
    • Connect your research and knowledge of this psychological principle/topic to past and future experiences
      • Be sure to include an analysis of how past experiences working in groups (academically and/or professionally) relates to or builds on the knowledge you gained about your chosen topic.
      • Explain how the topic you selected for this assessment relates to your past experiences working in groups.
      • Summarize how the knowledge gained from this assessment will influence your future career and/or life success.
        • Specifically, what aspects of the project did you find most valuable in relation to your career and life pursuits?
  • Conclusion slide
    • Summarize the main points or ideas from your presentation.
  • Reference slide in APA format

Although your PowerPoint slides will use bullets, charts, images, etc. to briefly address the above requirements, make sure to fully explain your ideas in your voiceover recording.More detailed instructions on recording narrations in PowerPoint can be found in the Student Resources area of Blackboard.

PART C 150 words

In the lecture, you learned about the future of cognition in the workplace, including finding ways to integrate human strengths with technology and artificial intelligence. In your reflection, please address the following:

  • Summarize some of the ways that more advanced forms of technology (like artificial intelligence) might be used in your job role and chosen field.
  • Explain how you believe technology and artificial intelligence will continue to evolve in your chosen career field.
  • Describe the steps you can take to ensure you have the skills necessary to remain relevant and employed within your chosen field, even with advances in technology.

ART A 150 words In the lecture, you learned about many cognitive processes, including perception. Perception involves how people interpret and make sense of the world around them.

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