6 short answer chemistry questions ( do not need long answer, one or two sentences).

1. Explain why the “third carbon” of 3-ethylpentane does not have any chiral carbons.2. Why are R-2-methylbutane and S-2-methylbutane enantiomers?3. Briefly describe the steps to determine if an isomer is “R” or “S”. Be sure to include the basic priority rules in your response.4. How many total stereoisomers will a molecule have if it has 3 stereocenters (3 chiral carbons)? List all of the stereoisomer combinations (e.g. – R, R, R)?5. 2-bromo-3-chloropentane has two stereocenters; therefore, it has four stereoisomers. Give the names of a set of diastereomers.6. True/False (briefly explain): For Fischer projections, clockwise rotation always indicates an “R” stereocenter.

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