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1111 unread replies.1111 replies.


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Initial Reply

Before you participate in this discussion, review Class Discussion Instructions – Your Guide to Success in the Getting Started Module.

By Wednesday, please respond to the following questions in a minimum of 350 words for all of the questions total (you may write much more!)

Please number your responses.

You do not have to re-write the questions.

Please note that you will not be able to see any other posts until you first post your initial reply.

Instructions and Questions

View this documentary by Chyng Sun “Mickey Mouse Monopoly” (about 55 minutes in length. Click on “CC” for closed captions) and answer the questions below.




What does the film “Mickey Mouse Monopoly” say about how a media company’s status as a large corporation/ media conglomerate can influence the stories it tells?

List two examples of gender or racial/ethnic stereotypes discussed in the film. Do you think gender portrayals, or racial/ethnic portrayals, in Disney films have changed over time? If so, how? If you are not sure and/or not familiar with more recent Disney films, that is OK.

Do you think the stories told by Disney – including their constructions of race and gender – can impact people’s perceptions?

Do you think Disney is a good choice for examining corporate media power? Do you agree with the filmmakers that Disney is a special case? Think about if any other media conglomerates are better or worse.

Replies to Peers

By Thursday, please respond to two of your peers. You may want to ask questions, provide other examples, or elaborate on a certain point. Discussions should help all of us better understand the material. Make sure you respond in a substantive way (at leasts 5-6 sentences, not including statements like “I totally agree”.) The goal is to extend and expand upon the discussion.


Feedback and Grading

Discussions are an important tool for interaction and development of a learning community. Your timely participation is essential.


Drawing on the tradition of Socratic dialog, these discussions are designed to enhance interaction between peers. As such, the most important voices in this discussion are yours, not the instructor’s. For most discussions, I will post my comments to the discussion forum and/or send them to you via an announcement by the end of the week. Your discussion posts will be graded within one week of the deadline.


The rubric will be used to grade this assignment (please note the criteria for timeliness). Points: Students start with 0 points and may earn up to 20 points for discussions — students may earn up to 14 points for their individual response and up to 3 points for each peer response (for a total of 6 points for peer responses).

1111 unread replies.1111 replies.

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